Rhagodia.JPG (48284 bytes)Rhagodia spinescens: is a member of the Chenopiaceae family. The species is known as Saltbush and is one of a group of plants that go by this common name, have grey foliage and come from inland Australia .
Rhagodia spinescens is a variable shrub that may be upright or spreading. The small leaves are silver-grey and may be oval or arrow-shaped. The flowers and fruits are insignificant.
We grow this Saltbush as a foliage plant that contrasts with other plants in the garden.
The leaves have a salty taste (hence the common name). Crimson Rosellas and Grey Kangaroos frequently eat our Saltbush foliage.
Mature plants have dense, interlocking branches and Blue Wrens have nested in our specimens.
At Yallaroo we have both upright and spreading forms and their foliage stands out in the garden.
Rhagodia spinescens is found in Queensland , New South Wales , Victoria , South Australia and Western Australia .
This Saltbush could be cultivated in shrubberies and native hedgerows.
All Saltbushes propagate enthusiastically from cuttings.