Replacing the Front Lawn with a Native Cottage Garden.

To look their best, front lawns consume large quantities of precious water and requires regular mowing. There is an alternative to these thirsty horticultural features. A native cottage garden will reduce water loss, be a haven for small native birds, carry flowers all year and lessen the weekend cacophony of lawn mowers. All the plants listed have a maximum height of about one metre. Taller shrubs would form a screen that could present security problems.
To establish a native cottage garden some watering is necessary for the first two growing seasons. After that, except for exceptionally dry periods, the garden should survive and thrive on rainfall alone. Two types of mulch will reduce evaporation and inhibit weed growth. Firstly an organic mulch such as chipped green waste from the local council and also native ground covers that will form a living mulch. Minimum maintenance is required. A light pruning after flowering will keep your plants bushy and blooming bounteously.

Acacia flexifolia:     Bent-leaf  Wattle.  Yellow.
Acacia lineata:  Yellow.
Astartea  Winter Pink
: Pink
Brachyscome multifida:  Cut-leaf Daisy. Various colours.
Bracteantha: Cockatoo.    Everlasting Daisies. Cream.
Bracteantha:  Dargan Hill Monarch.  Yellow.
Bracteantha:  Pink Surprise. Pink buds & cream flowers.
Bulbine Lilies:   Yellow.
Callistemon Firebrand:  Red
Callistemon Little John:  Red
Correas: All varieties
Crowea exalata: Pink.
Dwarf Banksia serrata Pygmy Possum: Ground cover. Grey & yellow.
Eremophilas: All varieties  Emu bushes
Eriostemon myoporiodes: Wax flower.  White.
Grevillea baueri: Red.
Grevillea Evelyn’s Coronet: Pink & grey.
Grevillea lanigera Mt., Tamboritha: Pink. Ground cover.
Grevillea Jubilee: Red-brown & yellow. 
Grevillea Old Gold
: Yellow.
Hakea Burrandong Beauty: Pink.
Melaleuca Ulladulla Beauty: Red. Mounded ground cover.
Melaleuca thymifolia: Pink, mauve or white.
Melaleuca violacea:
Micromyrtus ciliata: Pink. Fringed Heath Myrtle.
Myoporum parvifolium: Creeping Boobialla. White. The best living mulch.
Themeda australis: Kangaroo Grass. Especially the dwarf form “Mingo”.

These are a few of the native plants that could be used to create an environmentally friendly front garden.