Regelia-ciliata.JPG (19723 bytes)Regelia ciliata: Is a member of the Myrtaceae family. There are six species in the genus and all are native to Western Australia. Regalia ciliata develops into a small shrub about 1m tall with small ovate leaves.  Dense mauve flower heads, about 1.5 cm in diameter, appear for an extended period in spring and summer. Both foliage and flowers are attractive features of this hardy small shrub. We cultivate Regalia ciliata as a foreground plant in our garden beds.
 Regalia ciliata propagates easily from cuttings. It may also be grown from seed.
The Regelias are one of a number of Myrtaceae genera, from Western Australia, that have great horticultural potential. Agonis, Beaufortia, Calothamnus and Eremaea are all worthy of cultivation.