Red-neck.JPG (23800 bytes)Red-necked Wallabies (Macropus rufogriseus): are common from Rockhampton in Queensland to southeastern South Australia and Tasmania. Red-necked Wallabies occupy woodland and sclerophyll forests from the coast to the ranges.
Red-necked Wallabies are beautiful medium-sizes macropods. White cheek markings and red colouring on the neck characterise this species.
Red-necked Wallabies are common in New England National Park east of Armidale. We used to see them feeding close our house when we worked in the Park. History has repeated itself and a young Red-necked Wallaby has appeared at Yallaroo. This Wallaby has become very quiet and the photograph was taken through our bedroom window early in the morning. Dichondra (Kidney Weed) appears regularly on its diet.
The other macropods found on Yallaroo are: Grey Kangaroos, Wallaroos, Pretty-faced Wallabies and Swamp Wallabies.