Red-naped1.JPG (56503 bytes)Red-naped Snake (Furina diadema): is a small snake that may reach a length of 40 centimetres.Red-naped2.JPG (66981 bytes) The body is rich reddish-brown above. Each scale is edged with black or dark brown. The head and nape are black. Contained within the black head and neck is a distinctive red or orange patch (see head close-up).

The Red-naped Snake is found throughout eastern Australia from the coast to the drier inland.

This is a nocturnal reptile that hides during the day in rocks, logs, litter or crevices in the ground.

When frightened the snake raises the front of the body and often strikes at objects. On these occasions the mouth is keep closed. Although venomous the species is harmless to humans.

Small skink lizards figure prominently in the Red-naped Snake’s diet.

The Red-naped Snake lays eggs.  

We find occasional Red-naped Snakes under rocks. They come to light when rocks are moved during garden construction.

Much of this information was gleaned from Reptiles and Amphibian of Australia by Harold G. Cogger, published by Reed.