Red-browed.jpg (32475 bytes)Red-browed Finch (Emblema temporalis): is a small grey and olive finch with scarlet bill, eyebrow and rump. The species is also called the Red-browed Firetail or Redbill.
The Red-browed Finches are attractive small birds, usually seen in pairs or flocks. They feed near or on the ground in lawn and grass and fly to the nearest shrubbery when disturbed.
Red-browed Finches have come to terms with settlement and often visit bird-feeding stations.
They are found along the east coast of Australia from coast to tablelands, extending into South Australia .  
Their nest is a large, untidy, bottle-shaped structure with the entrance at the neck of the bottle. The nest is constructed of dry grass and lined with soft material such as feathers or fur.
Red-browed Finches are almost permanent residents at Yallaroo. They feed on the seeds from grasses in our mown areas near the house and use our shrubberies for shelter and nesting.
At Yallaroo Red-browed Finches have nested in: an exotic peach, Clematis vines and Bursaria spinosa (Blackthorn).
The stunned appearance, of the bird illustrated, is because it flew into one of our windows. After the photo opportunity the bird flew off and joined its companions.