Rainbow_Lorikeet.JPG (44564 bytes)Rainbow Lorikeet (Trichoglossus haematodus): is about 280 millimetres long.
This brilliantly coloured bird has a dark blue head, bright red bill and yellow-green collar. The abdomen is deep violet-blue with orange underwings.
These are noisy birds that constantly chatter and screech.
Rainbow Lorikeets are found mainly in coastal eastern and south-eastern Australia from north Queensland through to South Australia. They also visit nearby ranges especially when Eucalypts are flowering. Flocks of Rainbow Lorikeets often visit Yallaroo particularly when the Eucalyptus albens (White Box) are flowering.
They nest in tree hollows usually high in Eucalypts and Melaleucas (Paperbarks). Two or three white eggs are laid.
Rainbow Lorikeets will become very tame. A bird sanctuary, on the Queensland Gold Coast provides food that attracts hundreds of Rainbow Lorikeets. The Sanctuary has become a world-famous tourist attraction.
The pair in the photograph were visiting a bird feeder in Gosford, north of Sydney.