Rainbow_Lake.JPG (27103 bytes)Rainbow Lake Track: is one of many walking tracks in Kosciuszko National Park. The Track begins on the left side of the road towards Perisher from Sawpit Creek on the way to Charlotte Pass.
The Track is 3 kilometres return and passes through stands of Snow Gums (Eucalyptus pauciflora). The Snow Gums are slowly regenerating after the bushfires of 2003. The understorey plants have recovered somewhat faster. Many of these understorey plants have grey foliage. One of these was an attractive Daisy Bush (Olearia species) with mauve flowers. Some Podolepis plants were also flowering with large, yellow daisy blooms.
Rainbow Lake
is a large body of water and is in fact a dam that was built, in 1909, to supply water to the Hotel Kosciusko. The Hotel burnt down in 1951. The remaining building, on the other side of the road to the Track, is now known as Sponarís Chalet and was originally the staff quarters for the Hotel. Rainbow Lake still supplies water to the Chalet.
Along the Track there are remnants of fences, gates and stockyards. These are a reminder of the time that the area was leased for grazing.
Below the Lake wall are two sections of the original pipes that carried water to the Hotel. These pipes consisted of tongue-and-groove timber slats, lined with tar and held together with steel bands. This was an unusual method of construction. Look, photograph but please do not disturb these two pieces of the past.
Rainbow Lake Track is a delightful, easy walk. In short distance you will see interesting vegetation, water views and some Snowy Mountain ís history.