Pultenaea_foliolosa.jpg (47436 bytes)Pultenaea foliolosa: is a member of the Fabaceae (Pea) family and is known as the Small-leaf Bush-pea.

Pultenaea foliolosa is a dwarf to medium shrub. Growth habit may be upright or spreading.

The Small-leaf Bush-pea grows naturally at Yallaroo and our plants have a spreading growth habit reaching a maximum height of one metre. Plants, in other areas, are upright, reaching a height of two metres.

Leaves are small, less than four millimetres long, almost circular, crowded, soft and mid green.

Flowers are pea-shaped, carried in leaf axils, usually solitary, yellow and orange and usually conspicuous. Flowers appear between August and January. Many native peas with these flower colours are known collectively as "Eggs and Bacon".

Pultenaea foliolosa is found in all eastern mainland states.

The Small-leaf Bush-pea is an attractive, free-flowering native shrub. The Australian bush is full of colourful members of the Fabaceae family. Unfortunately few species have found their way into general cultivation. There is plenty of scope for experimentation in the testing of species suitable for cultivation.

Propagate Pultenaea foliolosa from seed or cuttings. Seeds could be hard to collect. They are held in pods. When ripe the pods expel the seeds some distance from the parent plant. This is a method of seed dispersal used by many members of the Fabaceae family.

If seeds are collected they should be soaked in boiling water before sowing to soften the seed coat.