Pterostylis.JPG (38767 bytes)Pterostylis truncata: is a member of the Orchidaceae family. There are about 120 species in the genus and of these 100 are endemic to Australia. They are found in all states except the Northern Territory as well as New Zealand, New Guinea and New Caledonia.

They are terrestrial herbs (without woody stems) or ground orchids with a tuber. Greenhood is the generally accepted common name for all members of the genus. The name refers to the principal colour and shape of the flowers.

Pterostylis truncata has from 2 to 6 leaves forming a rosette. The scape or stem-like flowering stalk reaches a height of 15 centimetres. Small leaves cluster around the scape.

The flowers are 4-5 centimetres long, semi-erect with green, white and brown stripes. The lateral sepals are a distinctive feature of this species. They have the appearance of horns and in Pterostylis truncata the tips are bent away from the flower. Each plant carries one flower that appears in autumn and winter.

The specimens illustrated appeared in one of our older gardens in April 2007.

We are not very competent in ground orchid identification. We would be pleased to hear if our identification is incorrect.

Propagation is difficult. Tubers are sometimes available from native orchid growers.