Pterostylis_rufa.jpg (52356 bytes)Pterostylis rufa: is a member of the Orchidaceae family and is a native ground orchid. The common name is Rustyhood and this refers to the flower colour. Members of the Pterostylis genus are generally known as Greenhoods because of the shape of the blooms.

Pterostylis rufa has leaves that form a rosette around the base of the flowering stem. They are dull green and usually wither before flowering occurs.

The flowering stem is between 10-30 centimetres tall and carries between 2-12 flowers. The hooded flowers have a reddish tinge and are 1.5 centimetres long. Flowering occurs between September and November.

All Pterostylis have an almost spherical tuber.

The Rustyhood is found from southern Queensland to central New South Wales.

The specimen in the photograph appeared at Yallaroo after excellent winter and spring rains in 2010. We have not observed this species in previous years.

All Pterostylis species may be propagated from tubers. This entails digging up plants. We feel that all native ground orchids should be left growing in the bush.