P.stenophylla.JPG (27788 bytes)Prostanthera stenophylla: is a member of the Lamiaceae family. This rare species was named in 2006. Some botanical publications, prior to 2006, list this native Mint Bush as Prostanthera species A. Prostanthera rylstonii is the unofficial name given to the species in the nursery trade. Prostanthera Kandos is also another unofficial name.

Prostanthera stenophylla is a small to medium shrub with rather hairy young growth. The small leaves are mid to pale green and hairy. Flowers may be violet, mauve, pink or sometimes white. The specimen illustrated is the pink-flowered form. Flowering occurs from September to November and is often conspicuous and profuse.

Prostanthera stenophylla is classified as rare and is confined to the Central Tablelands of New South Wales. Wollemi National Park is a stronghold of this native Mint Bush.

Tip pruning is appreciated as this prevents plants from becoming straggly.