Pros_saxicola.JPG (27542 bytes)Prostanthera saxicola: is a native Mint Bush, belongs to the Lamiaceae family and is a small spreading shrub that reaches a height of only 30 centimetres with a spread of one metre.
Its aromatic leaves are dark green and elliptical in shape. Late spring to early summer is the flowering period. Plants produce large white flowers with purple stripes in the throat.
The species is a native of New South Wales and is found in coastal and tableland areas.  
Pruning after flowering is appreciated.
We had trouble establishing this Mint Bush in our gardens. One specimen was planted in our Correa Garden and disappeared under other plants. In the spring, of 2005, some Mint Bush flowers appeared carried on a solitary stem. This was our Prostanthera saxicola making an appearance. Once flowering has finished then cuttings will be taken.
As mentioned above, propagate this species from cuttings.