Prostanthera-rotund.JPG (29276 bytes)Prostanthera rotundifolia: is a member of the Lamiaceae family in company with the Westringias and culinary mints. Its common name is Round-leaf Mint Bush. As the name suggests the leaves are round and sometimes toothed. In common with most native Mint Bushes, this species has extremely aromatic foliage. Flowering is in spring and at this time the plants become covered with blooms. Usually the flowers are blue but there is also a pink-flowered form. The specimen illustrated is one of our pink flowering specimens.

The Round-leaved Mint Bush has proved to be frost resistant. In very dry times the plants may sometimes wilt. Judicious watering will bring the plants bouncing back.

Prostanthera rotundifolia could be cultivated in shrubberies or planted beside a path where you brush against the plant and release the perfume from the foliage. The species could also be planted under mature Eucalypts to create a woodland effect. In these situations this Mint Bush will light up your woodland in spring.

Prostanthera rotundifolia occurs in Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales. Prostanthera incisa is almost identical except for the shape of the leaves.

Prune after flowering otherwise the plants will tend to become straggly.

The Round-leaf Mint Bush propagates enthusiastically from cuttings.