Prostanthera_Ragged Robin.JPG (40689 bytes)Prostanthera Ragged Robin: is a member of the Lamiaceae family and is a native Mint Bush. This variety is a hybrid whose parents are said to be Prostanthera ovalifolia and Prostanthera staurophylla.

Prostanthera Ragged Robin is a short to medium shrub with upright branches.

The leaves are about two centimetres long, cross-shaped, strongly aromatic and grey-green to pale green.

Blooms are 1.5 centimetres long, mauve-blue and carried in the upper leaf axils during late spring and early summer. Flowers are profuse and conspicuous.

Over time, plants may become a trifle straggly. This may be remedied by judicious pruning. This will induce dense growth and bounteous blooming.

Prostanthera Ragged Robin would be a colourful and aromatic addition to native garden beds.

Propagate from cuttings that strike readily.