P.melissifolia.JPG (53000 bytes)Prostanthera melissifolia: is a member of the Lamiaceae family and is known as the Balm Mintbush.
Prostanthera melissifolia is a spreading shrub that will reach a height of three metres. We prune our specimens regularly and keep them to a height between one and two metres. The leaves are aromatic, oval with toothed margins. In spring and summer plants produce large numbers of purple flowers in sprays. There is also a pink-flowered form.
Our plants have proved to be hardy and free flowering. In very dry periods plants tend to wilt but soon recover after watering.
Prostanthera melissifolia is a native of Victoria where the species grows, as an understorey shrub, in mountain forests. In the garden the Balm Mintbush prefers semi-shaded or shaded sites.
Prostanthera melissifolia would make a colourful addition to a dense native shrubbery.
The species name means having foliage similar to Melissa (Balm). Hence the common name.
Propagate from cuttings.