P.asp.JPG (42513 bytes)Prostanthera aspalathoides: is known as the Scarlet Mint Bush and is a member of the Lamiaceae family in company with the Westringias.
The Scarlet Mint Bush is a small shrub with short, linear leaves. The foliage is aromatic and light green in colour. The tubular flowers are two centimetres long and may be red, pinkish-red and orange or rarely cream. The flowers, regardless of colour, are eye-catching and attract honeyeaters.
The Scarlet Mint Bush is one of a few species that have the two lobes on the calyx of equal length. Most Prostantheras have one lobe larger than the other. Also, in this small group, the flowers are more tubular than “conventional” Prostantheras.
Prostanthera aspalathoides occurs in western New South Wales as well as drier areas of Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.
One well-known native plant expert maintains that the Scarlet Mint Bush is difficult to maintain in cultivation. We beg to differ. The specimens, in our gardens, have proved to be extremely durable. They are drought resistant and frost tolerant.
Their main flowering period is in spring and summer. Our plants often flower sporadically at other times
The Scarlet Mint Bush would be an ideal addition to rockeries and native cottage gardens. The species may also be grown in a container.
Propagate from cuttings.