Pros.staurophylla.JPG (21825 bytes)Prostanthera staurophylla:  was previously known as Prostanthera teretifolia. It is a member of the Lamiaceae family in company with the Westringias and culinary mints. Most Prostantheras have aromatic foliage and are known as Mint Bushes. There are 100 species, it is an endemic genus and species are found in all Australian States.
Prostanthera staurophylla is a small erect shrub with aromatic foliage and purple, bluish-mauve or white flowers. The white flowering form is not common. Flowering occurs in spring and summer. The species usually grows amongst granite boulders so in cultivation a well-drained situation is appreciated.
Prostanthera staurophylla is restricted to the Torrington district of northern New South Wales. It is considered a rare plant with limited distribution and is protected in the Torrington State Recreation Area.
Try planting this Mint Bush alongside a path so that the foliage perfume is released as you walk past.
Propagate from cuttings.