Port-Campbell-NP.jpg (23311 bytes)Port Campbell National Park: is 250 kilometres from Melbourne via the Princes Highway. A longer, winding but more scenic route is via the Great Ocean Road.
The Park protects significant flora and fauna native to south-western Victoria. A diverse range of coastal environments including woodlands, dunes, wetlands, coastal cliffs, limestone stacks and arches (see image) are all protected in Port Campbell National Park.
The Park is famous for the Twelve Apostles. These limestone stacks  consist of 20 million year old rock. They were formed by the sea slowly eroding soft limestone cliffs. The erosion continues with frequent small rock falls. In July 2005 there was a major erosion event when a large stack collapsed. A lucky photographer captured the collapse with before and after photos.
Port Campbell National Park is also famous as the site of numerous shipwrecks. The area has been given the name of the Shipwreck Coast. Five shipwrecks are located in or near the Park. The most famous shipwreck was the Loch Ard that was wrecked in 1878 with the loss of 52 lives. Four victims, of the shipwreck, are buried in the Loch Ard cemetery.  There were two survivors.
The Wreck Lookout is located at Lock Ard Gorge. A track, with slopes and steps, leads down to the beach. There are three self-guiding walks at the Gorge. These introduce visitors to shipwreck history, coastal ecology and geology.
There are also viewing platforms at London Bridge and the Grotto, two other features in the Park.
Although relatively small and narrow the Park is important for flora and fauna conservation in the area. Hooded Plovers, Rufous Bristlebirds, Swamp Marsupial Mice and Glossy Grass Skinks are protected in the Park. The Park is also home to a diverse range of native plants.
Aboriginal people were familiar with this coastal area and had cut steps to gain access to the marine food sources.
There are two Information Centres. One is situated in Port Campbell Township and the other at the Twelve Apostles. Camping is not permitted in the Park but is available in the township.