Platylobium_formosum.JPG (44593 bytes)Platylobium formosum: is known as the Handsome Flat-pea and is a member of the Fabaceae (Pea) family. The genus name means “broad pod” and refers to the flat, oblong pods that follow the flowers.
The Handsome Flat-pea is a dwarf, spreading shrub. The leaves are narrow to broadly ovate, deep green above and paler below with prominent veins.
The large, prominent flowers are pea-shaped. The standard is yellow to orange-yellow; wings are yellow and the keel red to purplish. Spring and summer are the flowering periods.
There is great variation in growth habit and leaf shape.
The distribution extends from south east Queensland through eastern New South Wales to Victoria and Tasmania .
The Handsome Flat-pea is drought resistant and tolerates frosts. Tip prune regularly to keep plants bushy.
Platylobium formosum could be grown on embankments or in native cottage gardens. The large flowers are a very attractive feature.
The image illustrates a plant growing in a bushland reserve north of Sydney .
Propagate from seed (soak in boiling water before sowing) and cuttings of young growth.