P.pinifolius.JPG (85467 bytes)Persoonia pinifolius: is a member of the Proteaceae family and is known as the Pine Leaf Geebung.

Persoonia pinifolius develops into a tall, spreading shrub about three metres tall by three metres wide. Bright green leaves are soft, narrow and up to 65 millimetres long. They are carried on pendulous branches. Bright yellow, tubular flowers are carried in the leaf bases usually towards the end of the branches; this flowering habit produces flower clusters about 10 centimetres long. Flowering occurs in summer. The blooms are followed by globular fruit that weigh down the branches.

Persoonia pinifolius is one of the most attractive Geebungs. Growth habit, foliage, flowers and fruit are all attractive features.

The Pine Leaf Geebung is found mainly on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

The problem with all Persoonias is that they are difficult to propagate either from seed or cuttings. Sometimes Persoonia pinifolius is available from specialist nurseries.

The species is certainly commoner in the bush than in gardens.

The specimen illustrated was growing in bushland at the Wetland Centre Newcastle, north of Sydney.

The Pine Leaf Geebung would be a colourful and interesting addition to native garden beds.

Propagation is usually by cuttings but unfortunately is extremely difficult.