Persoonia linearis: is a member of the Proteaceae family and is known as the Narrow-leaved Geebung. Persoonia linearis is an erect, tall shrub or small tree with attractive papery bark that peels off in flakes. The leaves are usually linear. There are some variations in leaf shape because the species has a very wide distribution.
Yellow flowers develop at leaf bases and appear in summer. Flowers are followed by fleshy fruits (see image) containing a single hard seed. Ripe fruits are edible and have a slightly acidic taste. Aboriginal people included Geebung fruits in their diet.
Persoonia linearis is widely distributed in eastern Australia as well as Victoria . In bushland, around Sydney , this Geebung in company with Persoonia levis are prominent understorey shrubs.
Propagation, as with all Persoonias, is extremely difficult from both seed and cuttings. Hopefully someone will uncover the propagation secret of these interesting native plants.