Pers_isophylla.jpg (19792 bytes)Persoonia isophylla: is a member of the Proteaceae family in company with the Banksias, Grevilleas and Hakeas. Unfortunately Persoonias do not propagate as readily as other members of the family. Both seed and cutting propagation are difficult to say the least. A few species are appearing in nurseries so someone must be doing something right. If anyone has any clues on Persoonia propagation we would be delighted to hear from you.
There are about 100 species and the genus is an endemic Australian. Representatives are found in every state with the majority occurring eastern Australia.
Persoonia isophylla is classified as rare because of its limited distribution. The species occurs on the Central coast of NSW. It is an upright medium shrub with light green foliage. Masses of yellow flowers appear in summer and autumn. Fleshy, one-seeded fruits follow the flowers. The plant’s light green foliage stands out like a beacon in the bush. Persoonia isophylla, together most other species, has great horticultural potential. Hopefully, one day they will be as common in nurseries as Grevilleas and Hakeas. We are constantly experimenting with propagation methods.
In the eastern states they are commonly known as Geebungs. They are less polite in Western Australia where Persoonia are called “Snotty Gobbles”.