Persoonia_levis.JPG (50867 bytes)Persoonia levis : is a member of the Proteaceae family and is known as the Broad-leaved Geebung.
Persoonia levis develops into a tall, upright shrub with flaky red bark. The large, broad leaves are light green and stand out amongst other plants in bushland areas.
Tubular, four-petalled, yellow flowers are carried in summer and they are followed by succulent fruits containing a hard seed. Persoonia fruits are edible but a trifle astringent. Aboriginal people included the fruits in their diet.
Persoonia levis is found throughout eastern New South Wales as well as Victoria . The species is common in bushland around Sydney and surrounding areas.
The Broad-leaved Geebung has a lignotuber (swollen root mass) and after bushfires plants will sprout from the base. The specimen illustrated is from the South Highlands, of New South Wales , and is recovering from a bushfire by shooting from the lignotuber.
Persoonias are difficult to propagate from either seed or cuttings. We have managed to propagate a couple of species from cuttings but not Persoonia levis .
The genus is endemic to Australia with about 100 species. In Western Australia Persoonias are known as Snotty Gobbles. We hope that you find this a riveting piece of botanical information.