A.covenyi-hybrids.JPG (27853 bytes)Perhaps Hybrid Acacias: Over 10 years ago we were given seed of Acacia covenyi collected from the native population on the Southern Tablelands of NSW. One specimen was planted at Yallaroo about nine years ago. This plant has developed into a tall shrub with attractive foliage and yellow spring flowers. We collected seed from this plant and eventually three specimens, from these seeds were planted. This year they reached maturity and flowered. The flowers are similar to the parent but on close examination it was found that there were variations in the foliage.  The foliage, of the seedlings, is different from each other and from the parent. One has small blue-green phyllodes similar in colour to the parent but much smaller. The other two plants have large green phyllodes different in shape to each other and to the parent. We are assuming that these seedlings are the result of liaisons between Acacia covenyi and other Acacias in the garden. We havenít reached any conclusions as to the other parents of these plants.
The image shows the parent on the left and the three hybrids on the right.