Passion-problems.JPG (67066 bytes)Passionfruit Problems: The Black Passionfruit is one of the “edible exotics” that we grow at Yallaroo. Passionfruit is one of our favourite “edible exotics”. The fruit is tasty, useful in many desserts; vines produce large crops and are virtually free of pests and diseases.
Most Black Passionfruit vines are grown as grafted plants. This is where a problem is likely to occur.
The vines are grafted onto the rootstock of another very vigorous species. Shoots will often develop from below the graft and if not removed will swamp the desirable vine. The plant, used as rootstock, will sometimes sucker from its roots and appear some distance from the grafted stem. These shoots will also overwhelm the fruiting vine as well as absorbing nutrients. These root suckers must also be removed.
The photograph was taken of a vine in a garden near Sydney . The mass of dark green, lobed leaves are from below the rootstock and in the lower left hand corner are a few light green leaves of the Black Passionfruit.
This vine is now useless as a fruiting plant and should be replaced. The rootstock plant produces passionfruit flowers but no fruit.
We are experimenting with cuttings struck from the Black Passionfruit vine and so far (February 2006) one of these cuttings is growing rapidly in the ground on its own roots. Time will tell if its crop matches the production of grafted vines.
Cuttings take root rapidly.