Pallid_Cuckoo.JPG (26231 bytes)Pallid Cuckoo (Cuculus pallidus): is a medium-sized bird that is between 280-330 millimetres long. Adults are graceful grey cuckoos with a longish tail. They have a curving black line through the eye. The nape and shoulder have a white mark. The tail is prominently notched. Legs are dark olive and the eyes have a yellow ring. Their flight is slightly undulating. The tail is often raised and lowered when landing.

Immature birds (see image) have a large head, mottled back and white plumage with a short tail. The bird photographed stayed close to our house for about a fortnight in late November 2008.

Eggs are usually laid in the open cup nests of honeyeaters as well as insectivorous birds such as flycatchers, wood swallows and shrike-thrushes. Their single eggs are flesh-coloured with pinkish spots.

Pallid Cuckoos occur throughout Australia. They arrive in September, sometimes earlier, and migrate north to New Guinea and Indonesia from January to April. Some Pallid Cuckoos may remain over winter.