Pers-cornifolia.JPG (25434 bytes)Persoonia cornifolia: is a member of the Proteaceae family. The genus only occurs in Australia and there are 100 species scattered throughout the continent. Many of the genus have great horticultural potential but have proved difficult to propagate from either seeds or cuttings. We are experimenting with various cutting treatments and would be more than interested in hearing of your successes with Persoonia propagation.
Persoonia cornifolia is commonly known as the Broad-leaved Geebung. The name Geebung may be of Aboriginal origin. It is applied to all Persoonias. In Western Australia they are also called Snottygobbles. We prefer the name Geebung.
Meanwhile back at Persoonia cornifolia. It develops into shrub about 2 metres tall with large glossy, light green leaves and small yellow tubular flowers in spring. In a good season flowering may be prolific. The flowers are followed by fleshy fruits containing a single hard seed. The fruits were eaten be Aboriginal people. Foliage, flowers and fruits are all attractive features of the Broad-leaved Geebung. The species is found in northern New South Wales and southern Queensland. The Broad-leaved Geebung grows along the roadside, west of Yallaroo. A few years ago our sharp-eyed son, Lachlan, found a seedling growing on Yallaroo. Since then this plant has developed into a shrub nearly two metres tall. We have managed to propagate a few plants from cuttings using a hormone dip consisting of IBA, NAA and 2-4D dissolved in 50% alcohol. The success rate was very low and cuttings seemed to take forever to strike.