Oxley2.JPG (50397 bytes)Oxley Wild Rivers National Park is the 7th largest National Park in NSW with an area of 111,000 hectares (274,000 acres). The Park protects a great deal of the extensive gorge system east of Armidale in Northern NSW. It is a World Heritage area in recognition of dramatic gorges, waterfalls and wild and scenic rivers. There are a number of lookouts and picnic areas around the rim of the gorge. Dangars Gorge is a popular area with a waterfall, lookout platforms, picnic areas and an extensive system of walking tracks. The Park protects 15,000 hectares of dry rainforest and is home to many rare plant and animal species. Hakea fraseri, Acacia diphylla and Acacia ingramii are three rare species given protection. A population of Grevillea beadleana was recently discovered in the Park. Rare and interesting plants are being discovered on a regular basis as botanical surveys are undertaken. Brush-tailed Rock Wallabies are making a comeback in many parts of the Park. The image shows a loop in the Macleay River taken from a lookout on the rim of the gorge. Oxley Wild Rivers National Park is one of Australia’s most spectacular National Parks.