Out of Season Wattles: We tend to think of spring as the flowering season for wattles (or Acacias). This is true for the majority of species but there are some, which flower at other times. Some will carry blooms for many months. These “Out of Season Wattles” may be used to bring a touch of spring to the garden at other times of the year.

Acacia subulata, the Awl-leaved Wattle, is one of our favourite native plants. Acacia subulata will develop into a tall, erect shrub. At Yallaroo we keep the height to about 2 metres (6 feet) tall by judicious pruning. This species flowers for most of the year except spring when other wattles provide the floral display. Golden flowers and light green foliage characterize this handsome native plant.

There are a number of “ferny-leaved wattles” that flower out of season. Acacia deanei is a beautiful tall, upright shrub with light green bipinnate foliage. Pale yellow flowers put in an appearance for most of the year.

A. irrorata and A. mearnsii develop into trees, have bipinnate foliage and flower throughout summer after spring flowering wattles have finished. A. irrorata comes from the Northern Tablelands and A. mearnsii is a native of southern New South Wales. Both species light up the bush in summer.