O.viscidula.JPG (35492 bytes)Olearia viscidula: is a member of the Asteraceae family. The species is known as the Sticky Daisy Bush. The Olearia genus is confined to the southern hemisphere. There are 180 species and of these 130 are native to Australia.
Olearia viscidula is a medium, multi-stemmed shrub. The leaves are elliptic to ovate in shape, dark green above and grayish-hairy beneath. The foliage has a resinous appearance. The Sticky Daisy Bush is one of the few species whose leaves have a different colour on each surface (discolorous). From late winter to mid-spring the plants are covered with creamy-white daisy flowers.
Olearia viscidula is native to the coast, tablelands and slopes of New South Wales as well as eastern Victoria. The species is one of the shrubs that are native to Yallaroo.
Prune after flower. Propagate from seeds or cuttings. We favour cutting propagation as this Daisy Bush takes root readily. In our experience, all Daisy Bushes propagate easily from cuttings.
We thought that the genus name refers to someone from Ireland. Apparently the name honours Adam Olearins, a 17th century botanist.