Olearia_tenuifolia.JPG (63752 bytes)Olearia tenuifolia: is known as the Shiny Daisy Bush and is a member of the Asteraceae (Daisy) family. Olearias occur exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere. There are about 180 species. Australia has about 130 species. Olearias are dwarf to tall shrubs and rarely small trees. All Olearias have typical daisy-type flower heads but are distinguished from other members of the Daisy family by their woody stems.
Olearia tenuifolia is a small shrub reaching a height of about one metre. The dark green leaves are linear and alternate. The flower heads are about four centimetres in diameter. The ray florets are blue to mauve and the disk florets yellow (see Daisy flowers). The flowers are conspicuous and are carried for most of the year.
We acquired the original specimen from another native plant enthusiast and since then we have included progeny, from this original plant, in many garden beds.
Both foliage and flowers are attractive features. Olearia tenuifolia is both drought and frost resistant. Plants will become a trifle unkempt if they are not lightly pruned occasionally.
Olearia tenuifolia is a native of southern New South Wales and eastern Victoria .
The Shiny Daisy Bush could be cultivated as a foreground plant in a shrubbery or native hedgerow.
All Olearias propagate easily from cuttings and this species is no exception.
The species name means slender leaves.