Olramulosa.JPG (23286 bytes)Olearia ramulosa is a member of the Asteraceae or Daisy family. Their common name is Daisy Bush. There are 180 species with 150 of these native to Australia. They are usually shrubs and many species have colourful flower heads. There are not many species in cultivation although this situation is slowly changing with some species trickling into nurseries. We have found Daisy Bushes to be hardy and free flowering. The majority of species (in common with most daisies) propagate readily from cuttings. is one of our favourites. It is a small shrub with tiny aromatic leaves and masses of mauve flower heads. Olearia ramulosa has a lengthy flowering period, which extends from spring to late autumn. Pruning is appreciated otherwise the plant will become leggy. We try to include a specimen of this Daisy Bush in all our gardens because it is such a cheerful, eye-catching native plant. Try this daisy Bush in a rockery or native cottage garden.