O.elliptica.JPG (44550 bytes)Olearia elliptica: is a member of the Asteraceae family and is known as the Sticky Daisy Bush.
Olearia elliptica is a dwarf to medium shrub. Leaves are elliptic, alternate, dark green, very sticky and aromatic. They have an enamelled appearance.
In spring and summer large clusters of white, daisy flowers are carried on the ends of branches.
A Sticky Daisy Bush in full flower is a sight to behold. The foliage is an attractive feature as well as the floral extravaganza. This is contrary to one native plant authority’s opinion: “Lacks strong ornamental characteristics”. This is certainly not our opinion.
Olearia elliptica is found in New South Wales, south-eastern Queensland and Lord Howe Island.
The Sticky Daisy Bush is native to Yallaroo. We have a population growing on the side of one of our gullies. We also pass a roadside population on our way to Armidale. In spring and summer these plants light up the surrounding bushland with their cheerful flowers.
Prune gently after flowering to prevent plants becoming straggly and to maintain bounteous blooming.
Propagate from cuttings. These strike rapidly. This is a characteristic shared by most Olearias.