Nymphoides2.JPG (28076 bytes)Nymphoides germinata: is a member of the Menyanthaceae family. The genus is usually known as Marshwort. Nymphoides germinata is a tufted annual or perennial aquatic herb. The distinctive leaves are from three to eight centimetres across and are more or less circular with a heart-shaped base. Leaves are glossy, mid-green above and dotted and dull green below. They either float or are carried above water level.
The flowers are about three centimetres across, bright yellow with fringed margins. Flowering may be profuse. Each bloom only lasts for a day. The lengthy flowering period extends from September to April.
Nymphoides germinata usually grows in permanent water up to a depth of 2.5 metres. Plants may survive in saturated mud at the end of dry seasons.
The illustrated plant was introduced into one of our ponds in the beginning of autumn 2005. The plant began flowering in the spring of the same year.
Nymphoides germinata will adapt to pond life in tropical, sub-tropical and temperate regions.
This attractive Marshwort is found in Queensland , New South Wales and Victoria .
Propagate from seed or clump division.