November 2003: Our apologies to the readers of our Garden Diary. November 2003 and December 2003 will both be rather short. Due to circumstances beyond our control we have not been able to access the site for some time and the Garden Diary has suffered in consequence. The problem has been resolved and by now you will realise that we have a domain name:
From January 2004 we will revert to weekly entries for the Diary.
Some highlights from November: total rainfall= 77 mm. Monthly average= 80 mm.
Talked to Inverell Garden Expo. We fielded plenty of questions about native plants after our talk. Also managed to buy a Grevillea Sunrise. Have been looking for this hybrid for some time.
Found three eggs in a thrush’s nest in a Clematis vine on our back patio. The nest is only 3 metres from our back door.
Entertained some visitors from Tamworth. They brought some cuttings of an interesting Correa.
Walked around our Big Dam. We were impressed by the masses of Bulbine Lilies and Chocolate Lilies. Rain in autumn spurred their growth.
On another walk we discovered a large Persoonia cornifolia plant. This is only the second specimen that we have found on Yallaroo.
Some of the staff from ABC Tamworth visited this month.
Spent the latter part of the month visiting our daughter and family at Gosford (Central Coast) and then travelled to Mittagong (Southern Highlands) to visit our son. We helped him with some interior painting. It rained almost all the time that we were away. This curtailed our bush walking activities although we managed a walk at Gosford. On this walk we tracked down a population of the rare Grevillea oldei.

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