Bird Nesting Sites: As the density of vegetation has increased around our home so has the number and variety of native birds living in and around the gardens. This upsurge of avian residents has meant a proliferation of birds nesting in spring and summer.

Our native birds have proved to be impartial in their choice of nesting sites. They use parts of our house, a range of native plants and even exotic plants.

Blue Wrens have nested in Westringias, Saltbushes (Rhagodia species), and Grevillea Scarlet Sprite. Both Eastern Spinebills and Yellow-faced Honeyeaters nest in native Clematis vines and various Grevilleas. A pair of Yellow-faced Honeyeaters have set up house in a peach tree.

Swallows have built mud nests on our front verandah and back patio. The verandah nest has been used twice in the spring of 2000. Four babies were successfully raised the second time. The patio nest has been used at least five times with a procession of young swallows graduating to life on the wing over a period of three years.

White-eared Honeyeaters nest in Grevillea arenaria and Bursaria spinosa (Blackthorn).

In 2001 we will be installing nesting boxes in some of our eucalypts. Hopefully Crimson and Eastern Rosellas will avail themselves of these nesting sites.