Starlights-trail.jpg (24454 bytes)Nattai National Park: has an area of 47,628 hectares (117,641 acres). The Park is situated on the Southern Highlands of New South Wales near the village of Hilltop. Pristine bushland and wilderness areas characterise this Park that protects Sydney’s water supply. There are fire trails, within the Park, which makes for very easy bushwalking. Starlight’s Trail is a walking trail that provides access to the lower areas of the Park. Most of Nattai National Park is a trackless wilderness so great care should be taken if you leave the fire trails or walking track.
Banksia paludosa subsp. astrolux is a species restricted to Nattai National Park. This tall shrub has attractive pale yellow brushes. Grevillea sphacelata is another interesting inhabitant of the Park. This medium, spreading shrub has unusual grey flower heads.