NENP.jpg (17649 bytes)New England National Park: Is situated 85 km east of Armidale on the Waterfall Way. The park has an area of at least 71,200 hectares (175,800 acres). The area has increased dramatically over the years. Twenty-five years ago the area was 22,700 hectares (56,000 acres).
We are very attached to this beautiful Park. We live and worked in New England National Park for three years about 25 years ago.
New England National Park spills over the Great Escarpment that is part of the Great Dividing Range. Point Lookout is the highest point in the Park. At 1600m this is one of the highest and most accessible peak in Australia. From here there are breath-taking views. On a clear day it is possible to see surf breaking on beaches many kilometres to the east. There are two viewing platforms at Point Lookout. There is also a shelter shed and picnic area in the Point Lookout area.
The Park’s rainforest areas are World Heritage listed.
There is an extensive walking track system that traverses the higher areas of the Park. Fire trails allow visitors to explore the lower regions of the Park.
Accommodation is available in the Park. There is a Residence and Chalet at Banksia Point. This area used to be the Park headquarters when there were live-in Rangers. Toms Cabin caters for those who wish to stay in more basic accommodation. There is also a camping area near the Park entrance.
New England National Park protects a wide range of environments including Snow Gum Woodland, Heath, Cool Temperate Rainforest and Sub-tropical Rainforest. All these environments may be sampled via the walking tracks and fire trails.
Within these environments there are a number of rare or threatened native plants. Melaleuca tortifolia and Eucalyptus approximans are two species that are unique to New England National Park.
Lyrebirds are frequently sighted near the tracks in Cool Temperate Rainforest. Tiger Quolls (Dasyurus maculatus) are marsupial carnivores. They are usually very shy animals. They have become used to people, in the Banksia Point area, and are often seen.
New England National Park was dedicated in the 1930’s and is one of the jewels in the crown of Australia’s National Parks.
The image is a view from one of the Point Lookout viewing platforms. It was taken on a visit in December 2001. The smoky appearance is due to bushfires burning on the Coast, east of the Park.