Myop_viscosum.JPG (28898 bytes)Myoporum viscosum: is a member of the Myoporaceae family in company with the Eremophilas or Emu Bushes and is known as the Sticky Boobialla. Myoporum viscosum is a medium, spreading shrub with dark green sticky leaves and masses of white flowers that usually appear from June to November. Sporadic flowering may occur at other times. Purple, succulent fruits follow the flowers.
We have a number of specimens in the gardens at Yallaroo and they have proved to be drought tolerant, frost resistant and free flowering. Both foliage and flowers are attractive features. The Sticky Boobialla could be cultivated in shrubberies or informal hedges.
The species occurs in Victoria and South Australia.
Propagate from cuttings that strike readily but may take a little longer than other Myoporums.