Myoporum-parvifolium.JPG (18926 bytes)Myoporum parvifolium: is known as the Creeping Boobialla. We plant more of this species, at Yallaroo, than of any other native plant. Myoporum parvifolium develops into a dense, weed suppressing ground cover. Individual plants will cover an area in excess of one square metre. The species comes in a range of leaf shapes and colours. The image shows some of these forms that are growing in our gardens. Flowering occurs from winter to summer. The flowers are usually white but there is also a pink flowered form that is reputed to come from Flinders Island off the coast of South Australia. The flowers are followed by fleshy fruits containing one hard seed. The fruits are quite sweet and, at Yallaroo, are eaten by Crimson Rosellas, Skink Lizards and sometimes by the human residents.
Creeping Boobialla is one of the easiest natives to strike from cuttings. As we plant out garden beds a piece is placed in the hole with some of the plants. Each piece is about 15 cm (6 in) long with the leaves removed from the bottom half. We use all our leaf forms in this exercise. At least 60% of these cuttings strike and go on to form thick carpets.
We have never seen Myoporum parvifolium in the wild. All our forms have been collected from gardens. The species occurs in NSW, Victoria and South Australia. The Flora of NSW records that Creeping Boobialla is not common. This would explain why we have not observed it in the wild.
Myoporum parvifolium is the most efficient ground covers we have ever grown. As you may have gathered, propagation is easy from cuttings.