Myop_montanum.JPG (31264 bytes)Myoporum montanum: is member of the Myoporaceae family in company with the better-known Eremophilas (Emu Bushes) and is known as the Western Boobialla or Water Bush.
The Western Boobialla is a small to medium shrub with glossy, light green, lanceolate leaves. The flowers are about 0.6 centimetres in diameter, white with purple dots and fragrant. The main flowering period is between August and December with sporadic blossoming at other times. Flowers are followed by attractive, globular, reddish-purple fruits. Birds, particularly Crimson Rosellas, are partial to the fruit.
We have a number of specimens, of the Western Boobialla, in the gardens at Yallaroo. They have proved to be very hardy, frost and drought tolerant as well as having a long flowering period. Both foliage and the perfumed flowers are attractive features.
Myoporum montanum is a widespread species and is found in all mainland Australian states.
Propagation is rapid from cuttings.