Myoporum_betcheanum.jpg (55482 bytes)Myoporum betcheanum: is a member of the Myoporaceae family. Members of this genus are known as Boobiallas.

Myoporum betcheanum is a tall shrub or small tree that may reach a height of eight metres. Pruning will keep plants to a more manageable height. Leaves are linear, up to six centimetres long and one centimetre wide. They are toothed and taper to a point. The flowers are white and 5 millimetres across. From one to eight flowers are carried in leaf axils between December and May. Globular fruits are white or brown and translucent.

Myoporum betcheanum occurs on the North Coast of New South Wales and south-eastern Queensland. This Boobialla is found on the margins of wet sclerophyll forests and rainforests. Myoporum betcheanum may be a trifle frost tender. In colder areas perhaps this species should be grown in shrubberies for shelter.

At the time of writing (December 2007) the specimen illustrated is in a tube waiting to be planted. We will be interested in observing how this Myoporum copes with our winters.

An update: This section is being written in November 2011. We now have a number of Myoporum betcheanum specimens surviving and thriving very well in our garden. Since planting they have developed into shrubs about two metres tall and this spring are flowering profusely. Myoporum betcheanum flowers just after Myoporum bateae another species with similar growth habit. These two Myoporums could be cultivated together as a long-flowering hedge. We have also replaced the photo with a more up to date image.   

Propagate from cuttings.