Multiple Mallees: We have mentioned mallees previously. They are Eucalypts with multiple trunks. We are very partial to mallees. They epitomize the ability of the Australian flora to survive and thrive in adverse conditions. We have some mallees growing naturally on Yallaroo. These are Orange Gums (Eucalyptus prava). A number of Orange Gums were cut down in days long gone and the trees have regenerated by sending up multiple stems from the base of the stump. We have attempted to duplicate the mallee growth habit by planting three or four Eucalypts, of the same species in the one hole. We have now gone one step further and are endeavouring to create a different mallee effect by planting three or four different species in the one hole. In theory we should finish up with a mallee with different trunks. Some of trunks will have smooth bark and some will have rough. Hopefully theory will translate successfully in practice. For more information see: Landscaping with Eucalypt Trunks.