Mt-Tomah.jpg (35847 bytes)Mount Tomah Botanic Garden: is the cool-climate Garden of the Sydney Botanic Gardens, Sydney.
Mount Tomah Botanic Garden is situated in the northern Blue Mountains, west of Sydney at an altitude of 1000 metres and has an area of 28 hectares (70 acres). The Garden crowns a basalt-capped peak.
The Garden was opened, to the public, in 1987 and is home to at least 5000 plant species from the world’s cooler parts. The main horticultural emphasis is on plants from the Southern Hemisphere. Species from South America, Southeast Asia, China, Africa, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand are under cultivation. Australian plants have not been forgotten with species from high altitude and alpine regions.
Plants are grouped according to their geographic origin. Visitors are able to observe both similarities and differences between plants of each region.
An amazing range of plants may be observed on a walk around the Gardens. These include: Himalayan and Chinese Rhododendrons, Australia’s southern Beeches, giant Lobelias from Mount Kenya, South African Proteas and conifers from Europe and North America.
The Rock Garden (see image) covers a large area below the Visitors Centre. Flowing through the centre, of the Rock Garden, is a series of cascades plus ponds. The local basalt rock was used in the construction except for a limestone section that accommodates plants adapted to this material.
An interesting Rose Garden has a collection of heritage and modern roses.
A Forest Walk and Viewing Platform allow visitors to view the impressive native vegetation. As visitors walk around the Garden they are constantly greeted by views of the rugged grandeur of the Blue Mountains. Most of what you see is protected in the Blue Mountains National Park.
We have visited Mount Tomah Botanic Garden on a number of occasions and were impressed by the variety of plants and the sensitivity of the landscaping.
There is a Visitor Centre and restaurant within the Garden.
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