Mosquito Control: When we talk to people about ornamental ponds one question is asked with monotonous regularity: “What about mosquitoes?” Their concern is that a pond will be haven for these biting insects. The usual solution is to stock the pond with goldfish. In theory they will eat the mosquito larvae. Our main reason for the construction of ponds at Yallaroo is to provide frog habitat. Our feeling is that goldfish and frogs are not compatible in the one small body of water. Goldfish will eat frogspawn and therefore fatally short circuit frog life cycles. If we dispense with fish then what about mosquito control?
At Yallaroo within a fortnight of filling, our ponds were colonised by a range of carnivorous aquatic insects. Backswimmers, Water Boatmen and Dragonfly larvae are some of the permanent residents that include mosquito larvae in their diets. Dragonfly larvae may catch the occasional tadpole but aquatic carnivores do not prey on frogspawn. Within our ponds there are always plenty of tadpoles in various stages of development.
Goldfish are not at risk but many frog species (for a number of reasons) are. Leave the fish out of your frog ponds, stand back and let nature control the mosquitoes.