Belmore_Falls.JPG (24810 bytes)Morton National Park: is about 150 kilometres south west of Sydney and has an area of 170,000 hectares. The Park straddles the Great Dividing Range. Magnificent scenery and a range of vegetation communities characterise Morton National Park. Waterfalls are another feature. Fitzroy Falls is the site of an informative Visitors Centre and is situated at the northern end of the Park. Belmore Falls (illustrated) is in the same vicinity. These features and facilities are close to towns on the Southern Tablelands such as Mittagong and Bowral. At the southern end of the Park is Pigeon House Mountain and other monumental features. At this end of Morton National Park there is scope for extensive wilderness walks. Captain James Cook named Pigeon House as he explored the east coast in 1770. A large area of the Park supports heath vegetation and in spring the bush becomes alive with a multitude of flowering plants.