MooneeNR.JPG (32624 bytes)Moonee Beach Nature Reserve: is situated north of Coffs Harbour on the North Coast of New South Wales. The Reserve is managed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service and has an area of 336 hectares (830 acres).
New South Wales is fortunate in having extensive coastal areas protected in Reserves. This is in contrast to other states where much of the coastal environment has been destroyed by rampant development.
Moonee Beach Nature Reserve is in two sections. The larger, southern section runs from Moonee Beach village to Emerald Beach. The smaller section is situated north of Emerald Beach.
The image is taken from Moonee Beach Lookout looking south along beautiful Moonee Beach.
The Reserve protects a number of rare native plants including the ground covering Zieria prostrata.
One of the prominent points in the Reserve is Look At Me Now Headland. This headland has great significance for the local Aboriginal people. There are other cultural sites that commemorate early settlers and travelers. On Dammerels Head there are graves of the victims of a collision at sea in 1886. There is also a memorial to the Dammerel family. They operated an historic signal station that provided communication between an offshore lighthouse and the coast.
The northern section of the Reserve may be reached via Sandy Beach village. The southern section is accessed by either Moonee Beach Road or Emerald Beach off the Pacific Highway.