MirimaNP.jpg (43592 bytes)Mirima National Park: is situated on the outskirts of Kununurra in the Kimberly region of Western Australia. Mirima is the name given to this area by the local aboriginal people. The Park is also known by the more mundane name of Hidden Valley.
Mirima National Park has an area of 2068 hectares (5100 acres) and is characterised by spectacular rock formations.
Most of the rocks, in Mirima National Park, are sandstones that have been uplifted and eroded to give them their distinctive shapes. The steep and broken walls come alive when they reflect the various tones of changing light. Their shapes are strangely reminiscent of the sandstone formations in Wollemi National Park north west of Sydney on the other side of the continent.
The Park is home to Agile Wallabies, Short-eared Rock Wallabies, dingoes, echidnas, frogs and various reptiles. Birds are also a feature of Mirima National Park. There are many species including Crimson Finches, Double-barred Finches and White-quilled Rock Pigeons.
Many native plants grow in the flatter areas around the sandstone outcrops. Spinifex (Triodia) grassland, A number of Eucalypts, Boabs (Adansonia gregorii) and the Yellow Kapok Bush (Cochlospermum fraseri) grow amongst the outcrops. Grevillea agrifolia (Blue Grevillea) was another species that we observed on a visit to the Park late last century.
There are two walks:
Wuttuwutubin Trail is a 500 metre return walk that takes in a lookout over the township of Kununurra.
Didbagirring Trail is a hard one kilometre return walk that climbs steep slopes with loose rocks and provides another view over Kununurra as well as access to interesting rock formations.
The Park has an information shelter and picnic tables. Mirima National Park is only for day use. All grades of accommodation are available in Kununurra. One of the town’s caravan parks shares a boundary with the Park.
May to October is the dry season and is the best time to visit the Kimberly region. However, Mirima National Park is accessible at any season.
Park access is only five minutes from Kununurra.
The photo shows two typical rocky outcrops viewed from one of the lookouts. We took this photo during a visit to the Kimberly late last century.