Microstrobus.JPG (61249 bytes)Microstrobos fitzgeraldii: is a small, rare conifer in the Podocarpaceae family and is known as the Dwarf Mountain Pine. The genus contains only two species. (Microstrobos niphophilus comes from Tasmania .)
Microstrobos fitzgeraldii forms a mounded shrub about 60 centimetres tall and has pendulous branches with grey-green leaves. Male and female cones are carried on different plants.
The Dwarf Mountain Pine is only found growing near a waterfall in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney . At last count there were only 300 individual plants growing in the wild.
The species is in cultivation and there are probably more plants in gardens than in the wild.
Microstrobos fitzgeraldii needs a well-shaded area with good drainage but ample water. The Dwarf Mountain Pine does well as a container plant.
The species illustrated is growing in the National Botanic Gardens, Canberra .
Propagate from cuttings that usually strike readily.